Four51 Administration

Entira Appointment Card update

Entira has many "Variable Items" - products which allow the customer to modify them within the storefront, and then download a print-ready PDF. Most of these Variable Items are very simple and don't allow for any personalization (such as name, address, phone, etc.). In the case of the Appointment Cards, the customer is only allowed to select the office location. The resulting PDF displays the correct address, phone, and Doctors for that location. These doctors frequently change (retirements, additions, etc.). When that happens, Tandem will receive a request from Entira. A job ticket will be created and the Prepress department will begin the update process. The first step is to update the relevant files in the "Entira Master File" located in the Shared network volume. Once those PDF updates have been completed and approved, Prepress must also update the Four51 products. This process is described below:

  1. Login to Four51 Admin
  2. Click on the "Buyers" tab
  3. Enter "Entira" in the search box
  4. Click on the Entira logo
  5. Click on the "Products" tab in the blue bar at the top
  6. Enter "Appointment" in the search box
  7. Click on "ENT-2542" in the search results
  8. Click on "Project Assignment" in the left column
  9. Click on "Entira Clinic Appt Cards" in the Project Name list
  10. Click on "Pull" in the Project Files section - this copies the project files to the FTP server
  11. Open Filezilla on the PC
  12. Login to "" using your Four51 login credentials. See this screenshot for an example:
  13. Now that you are logged into the FTP server, you should see the "Pulled" project folder in the right column of Filezilla
  14. Expand the project folder by clicking on it
  15. The left column of Filezilla contains the local files on the PC. Navigate that to this path: E:Four51 Project FilesEntiraAppt Cards 2018
  16. You are now going to replace a PDF in the local folder and upload it to the FTP server. Watch the Youtube video to see how this is done.
  17. Once the PDF has been updated on the FTP server, go back to the Four51 administration screen in your web browser. You should still be on the Project Files screen for the Appointment Cards.
  18. Click "Deploy". The PDF that you uploaded to the FTP server has now been imported into the Four51 system.
  19. Now, review the Appointment Card from the storefront.
  20. Click on "Entira Family Clinics"
  21. Click on the "Users" tab
  22. Enter "glen" in the search box
  23. Click on "Logon" - this will open a new web browser tab and login to the storefront
  24. Click on the Search icon
  25. Enter "Appointment"
  26. Click on the search result
  27. Click on the Variant (location name) which corresponds to the PDF that you just updated
  28. Review the thumbnail that is generated